Comics for Comprehension

  • On April 17, 2015, I was awarded an Channelview ISD Education Foundation Innovative Grant for my project, Comics for Comprehension.  With this grant I will be purchasing graphic novels to be taught in my English I and English III classes next school year.  Graphic novels are well-crafted and thought provoking stories like other novels, but they are presented in comicbook format.  This presentation is in line with our society's trend to move away from verbal communication and towards a visual form of discourse.  It also enables struggling readers to better understand the verbal elements ofthe novel by supporting the text through illustrations.  The art provides visual clues to the action, setting and mood implied in the story which enables students to better make inferences and increase their understanding.

    The graphic novels with which we will begin our journey are among the best works of modern literature:  V for Vendetta, Watchmen, Maus, Blankets, and others.  There will also be a graphic novelization of the freshman staple, Romeo & Juliet.  

    But that is not all.  The grant also covers the purchase of 20 other titles to form the beginning of a graphic novel library.  These books may be used by students for their own pleasure reading or by other faculty members in their curricula.

    For all ofthis, I would like to personally thank the members of the CISD Education Foundation.  Their generosity will improve my instruction and have a positive impact on the academic lives of many students in our district.



    Also, thanks to a donation by DC Comics, my English I students have embarked on this journey early.  DC Comics donated 30 copies of V for Vendetta for my classes and we are currently devouring the booke