• Syllabus 2018

    Science Expectations & Grading



    • Each student should have all supplies by the end of the 2nd week of school August 27, 2018 as stated in Anthony Aguirre’s Jr. High Binder Organization Guidelines
    • Additional supplies that will be utilized but are not required for each student: glue sticks or bottles, clear tape, markers, and colored pencils.



    1. Bring your supplies to class EVERY DAY.
    2. Take RESPONSIBILITY for your learning.
    3. Act in a SAFE and HEALTHY way.
    4. Respect ALL class materials.
    5. Treat others and their belongings with respect.
    6. Keep all electronics put away unless instructed otherwise.
    7. Follow ALL the rules in your Student Handbook.



    1. Read and follow ALL instructions.
    2. Begin only when instructed to do so.
    3. Stay at your work area unless instructed otherwise.
    4. Clean your work area and return equipment when finished/ before leaving class.
    5. Report any problems with lab supplies or equipment immediately to the teacher.
    6. NO eating or drinking.
    7. NO horseplay.


    OUTDOOR (outside of classroom) EXPECTATIONS

    1. Quietly and orderly walk to assigned area and back to the classroom.
    2. Walk only in designated areas.
    3. DO NOT bother or touch any animals or plants unless instructed to do so.
    4. Be responsible and respectful while outdoors.
    5. Follow ALL of the instructions during the activity.
    6. When finished with the activity, go directly to assigned area and wait quietly for further


    Activities/Work                                                                 Percentage of Grade                   

    MAJOR GRADES:                                                                        35%                                            

    (Tests, Projects, Labs, or similar assignments)                                              

    DAILY WORK:                                                                             50%                                            

    NINE WEEKS EXAMS/CBAs:                                                    15%                                            



    • 7th Grade Held Wednesday mornings from 7:30-8:30a.m
    • 8th Grade Held Thursday mornings from 7:30-8:30a.m
    • MUST schedule tutorials with Ms. Padilla at least a day in advance and obtain a tutorial pass.
    • Transportation will not be provided.
    • Students are encouraged to attend tutorials at least 3 times within each Nine Weeks.



    • A Progress Report will be given each 3rd week of the nine week marking period.
    • Students will have the opportunity to make up missing assignments until the 8th week of each Nine Week Period, for up to 70% of grade credit.
    • Zeros will be given to any missing assignments not turned within two days of an unexcused
    • For excused absences you may return work for full credit up to 7 school days after absence, after 7 school days the student will only be able to receive up to 70% of grade.
    • Students with several absences must attend tutorials to complete all missing work to receive credit.




    Report cards are usually issued on a Friday a week after the nine week ends.

    1st: 08/20-10/19

    2nd: 10/23-12/21

    3rd: 01/08-03/08

    4th: 03/19-05/29



    If you have questions or concerns the easiest way to reach me is through e-mail:




    All items within this syllabus are subject to change when necessary, at Ms. Padilla’s and AAJH Administration’s discretion.

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