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     Behavior & Guidance Plan

    I believe that a smoothly run classroom makes for a positive learning environment. When students know their expectations from the beginning, they are more comfortable and secure in their surroundings. This allows them to feel more confident to take chance and try new things. I have high expectations of all my students from the first day. The following explains our classroom rules and discipline plan.


    Class Rules

    1.     We will listen carefully and NOT interrupt anyone.

    2.     We will follow directions.

    3.     We will walk quietly in the hallway.

    4.     We will keep our hands and feet to ourselves.

    5.  We will raise our hands quietly when we want to talk.


    Guidance Plan

    I will model desired behaviors for my students each day. We have a behavior chart in the class room. If they break a rule, their clip will be moved.


    Green – Great Day

    Yellow – Warning

    Blue – Sit for 5 minutes of recess

    Orange – Sit for 10 minutes of recess

    Red – Sit for all of recess, parent notified vie agenda, email, or phone call and possible office referral.


    Each child will have an agenda that will be sent home everyday. For those who have to move their card there will be a brief explanation in that day’s box and a color word. Please initial so that I know that you have reviewed your child’s behavior for the day. If there is nothing written in the box, your child had a Great Day!  


    Reward System

    Excellent/Good Behavior earns: stickers, verbal praise, notes sent home, and/or a dig in the treasure chest.