Campus Behavior Coordinators policy
    Under SB 107, the Campus Behavior Coordinators policy requires a person at each campus to be designated as a campus behavior coordinator. It allows the campus principal or any other campus administrator selected by the principal to serve as the campus behavior coordinator. In the Channelview Independent School District, a campus assistant principal serves as the campus behavior coordinator.
    Campus Behavior Coordinators
    Early Childhood Center - Emily Laird
    Aguirre Junior High - Angie Campbell, Amanda Bijani, Nieman Owens
    Alice Johnson Junior High - Isabel Tavella, Stephen Hinze, Larry Lewis
    Brown Elementary - Angela Lavergne
    Cobb Elementary - William Chalfant
    Channelview High School - Jan Melancon, Andre Philip, Troy Michaud, Lizette Castelline, Alan Smith
    Crenshaw Elementary - Kim Roberts
    DeZavala Elementary - Stephanie Green
    Hamblen Elementary - Diorica Cavazos-Alamand
    McMullan Elementary - Tihesha Morgan
    Kolarik Ninth Grade Campus - Cynthia Benitez, Cedric LePeuch, David Myrick
    Schochler Elementary - Andrea Vasquez
    Joe Frank Campbell Learning Center - Mark Sims