Mr. Pattisapu

Phone: 281-860-3300


Degrees and Certifications:

B.S from University of Houston - Downtown A.S from Houston Community College A.A from Blue ridge Community College SBEC certification - 4-8 Generalist

Mr. Pattisapu


Hello Parents & Students;

Thank you for joining with me for a great school year!

I am a geek/nerd which means I can end the following sentence ->

"Force is..."

2 ways

1) is a push or pull upon an object.


2) is with me, I am one with the Force.

I am a Comic Geek (San Diego Comic Con is on my bucket list)

and a Marvel Fanboy (Have you seen the THOR Ragnarok trailer!?!? OMG!!) - Im cool with DC 2.

wacky trivia is a pastime for me, I will tell you things that are cool, gross, funny, and will leave you thinking.

I am not like any teacher you have ever had before,

because you are not like any student I have ever had before.

I hope you enjoy my time with you as I will enjoy having you in my class.

℘ Peace and Love ♥