• All students enrolled in an End-Of-Course Preparation class will be expected to take the EOC test in that course at the next administration. Additionally, all EOC prep class work must be completed and a student portfolio of course-related work will be utilized to demonstrate proficiency in the course.
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  • English I EOC Prep

    Dean N Rogers


    Room 142


    State Mandate: Students must develop the ability to comprehend and process material from a wide range of texts.


    Class rules:

    1. Be on time
    2. Be prepared
    3. Be respectful
    4. Own your education
    5. Follow student handbook


    The main focus of this class is to better prepare you for the EOC (STAAR) test. We will be working on writing mechanics such as sentence structures and grammar so as to improve your writing skills and short answer responses to a variety of literature. The workload in this course may be intense at times because the need for improvement is great. Expect to write a lot.


    In this class you will improve

    • your reading comprehension
    • your writing skills
    • your test performance
    • your confidence as a communicator


    My pledge to you is to work as hard as you do. I have tutorials on Tuesdays until 5pm for anyone who needs more one-on-one assistance. My goal is to see you succeed.

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