• A Time to Talk

    Posted by Amy Magby on 8/17/2015 10:00:00 AM
    One of my favorite poems is called "A Time to Talk," and was written by the famous poet, Robert Frost.
    You can read it here.
    In its essence, the poem is about making time to visit with a friend and forgetting all the cares in your world to make that time.  I think that sometimes, we forget that it is the small moments that we often miss out on that will really make the difference in our lives.
    This is why I am setting up this blog.  I'd like to take time out a few times a week to let you know how class is going, and to ask if you have any questions or concerns.  You may comment on this blog to show interest in something we have done in class, or to express anything you may have wanted to say in class, but didn't get to.
    Also, this is a place for parents to keep up with what's happening with your child in my class.  I will do my best to post in both English and Spanish.  Please allow this page to help you follow the goings-on in my class in a more casual manner.
    I so look forward to taking time away from all the things that I feel might pull me away, forgetting those cares for a moment, and making time to just talk and visit with my students and their families.  I hope that you will find a moment or two in the week to do the same.
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