Mr. Smith’s Classroom Procedures


    Procedures Before Entering the Classroom

    1.      Make sure your shirt is tucked in and your pants are pulled up.

    2.      Make sure you do not have any gum in your mouth.

    3.      Make sure you come in with a pleasant attitude. (Fake it, if you have to.)

    4.      If I am not in the room, do not enter. Line up against the wall in the hallway outside.


    Procedures for Entering the Classroom

    1.      Come in quietly, find your bell work and take your assigned seat.

    2.      Begin the next appropriate bell work.


    Procedures for Class Dismissal


    1.      When the bell sounds, stop what you are doing and quietly gather your things.

    2.      Remain seated and quite.

    3.      Wait for any special instructions from me.

    4.      Clean the area around your desk.

    5.      Leave when dismissed by me.


    Procedures for Heading your Paperwork

    1.      Print your name in the upper left hand corner and write the date below it.

    2.      Write my name in the upper right hand corner and your period below it.

    3.      Always write the assignment title on the first line in the middle of the page.

    Procedures for Passing in Paperwork

    1.      Pass your papers to the left. 

    2.      At no time will a student grab a paper from another student.

    3.      I will gather the papers at the end of the last role.


    Procedures for Quieting the Classroom

    I will raise my hand and ask for your attention.

    1.      Stop whatever you are doing and raise your hand.

    2.      Face me and keep your eyes on me.

    3.      Be ready for instructions.


    Procedures When Guest Enter the Classroom or Are at the Door

    1.      Remain quiet.

    2.      Continue working on your assignment.

    3.      Do not open the door unless I have instructed you to do so.

    4.      If appropriate, I will introduce the guest to the class.



    Procedures for Throwing Trash Away

    1.      Remain seated.

    2.      Wad up the trash and keep it on the desk.

    3.      I will periodically come by to collect and dispose of the trash.

    4.      If I have not collected the trash before the end of class, you will throw away the trash when leaving at the end of the period.



    Procedures for Sharpening Your Pencil


    Before class starts…

    1.      You may use the electric sharpener anytime before the tardy bell rings.


                                                                                               After class starts…

     1.     You may use the manual sharpeners as needed; however, make sure you use the one opposite of where I am teaching.

    2.      You may use the sharpeners whenever there is no one else in line.

    3.      You may use the electric sharpener only if you have a new pencil and you have received permission from me.



    Procedures for Speaking, Asking and Answering Questions


    1.      Raise your hand.

    2.      I will call on you.

    3.      Do not talk when others are speaking or asking a question.

    4.      If you have had your hand up for several seconds and I do not see you, you may call me.


    Procedures for Announcements

    1.      Stop talking, stop shuffling papers, etc.

    2.      Listen to the announcement. (It may concern you.)