2018 - 2019 Reading/ELA Syllabus

  • 8th Grade English/Language Arts Syllabus - Please click the link below that says "syllabus" to print a copy of the full syllabus.


    Textbooks: Prentice Hall Literature: Language and Literacy by Pearson

    Other Resources: The class will utilize interactive notebooks, journals, movies, Power Points, primary sources, computer labs and the library.

    Mandatory Supplies: These supplies are required for this class.

    • (1) Pkg Black or Blue pens (carried with student in pencil pouch or backpack)
    • (1) Glue stick
    • (1) Pkg Red Pens (we will be using these all school year)
    • (1) Package of Colored Pencils (carried with student in pencil pouch or backpack)


    Optional Supplies: These supplies are optional, however if purchased, these items will be beneficial to the student.

    • (1) Box of Kleenex (Advisory Class Only)

     Grading Guidelines: The following are the district’s approved grading guidelines.

    Regular Classes:                                       Pre APClasses:

    35% Major Grades                                             45% Major Grades

    15% 9 Weeks CBA                                             15% 9 Weeks CBA

    50% Daily Grades                                              40% Daily Grades


    Homework, Tests, Quizzes: It is the student’s responsibility to go home and review all notes, complete homework assignments and be prepared for tests and/or quizzes. Please assist your child in studying their notes to help them have a successful school year.

    Late Work: (District Policy) Students will have one day following a given assignment due date to submit a late assignment. Late assignments will receive a grade no higher than a 70.

    Daily Assignment Failures: Students may redo the daily assignment within 2 school days for a maximum grade of 70. Students can take the assignments home to redo. Students CANNOT use class time to redo an assignment.

    Major Test/Project Failures: Students may re-rest within 3 school days for a maximum grade of 70. Students must attend one of the after school tutorials to re-do a test. No retakes will be done during class time, nor can the student take the test home. NO EXCEPTIONS!