If your child will be needing medication during the day for any reason, a parent or legal guardian must bring in the medication in the original labeled container or pharmacy prescription labeled container.  Students are not allowed to carry medication during the day at school, not even cough drops,   Parents/Guardians must sign paperwork with the school nurse to have their medication given during the school day.  If the medication is ordered once, twice, or three times a day, then it should be administered at home, unless there are specific circumstances that your child needs a medication at a specific time during the day.  Attached are two forms for you to print out as needed, or you may pick them up from your school nurse.  If your child will need the medication for the full year, then print the first form and have your doctor fill in the middle section.  If your child will only need 10 days of medication or less, then the second form will be utilized.   Please contact your school nurse for any questions or concerns.  Thank you!