• Needed Equipment for PE

    Must be in their locker AT ALL TIMES. Subject to Locker Check Quiz Grade.

    **Baby Wipes


    **3-5 Pads or Tampons (in a Ziploc baggie)

    I understand this takes a little more preparing than expected, but all of these necessities are crucial to your young ladies practicing good personal hygiene and feeling comfortable to participate fully during class.


    The following are needed daily for the best success of the student:

    -Loose fitting T-shirt. Must be Blue, Gray, Black or White.

         No "V" necks. Crew Neck cut is allowed, subjective to my coach's opinion.

    -Loose fitting shorts.

         Can not be shorter than mid-thigh in length.

         Nothing tight fitting, or curve showing is allowed.

    -Laced about shoes.

          All shoes must be able to have their laces tied in a bow for full dress credit.

          Socks must be worn at all times.

    -Hair Ties or headbands to keep hair out of the girls' faces.

    *Hoodies and Sweats are allowed, but students understand T-Shirt and shorts must still be worn underneath for full dress points.


    Suggested Items:

    Sports Bra (2 if needed for full support)

    Change of underwear

    Change of socks

    Plastic grocery bags (to transport clothes to and from school)


    Showers are optional and available to all students. If students elect to shower, the following items are MANDATORY.

    -A bar of soap

    -A plastic travel container for the bar of soap.

    -Flip Flops must be worn in and around the shower area at all times.

    -A clean towel. *Towels must be home daily after use to prevent mildew and mold.


    I understand this is more thorough than what most of your students are used to, but I believe that since these young ladies are becoming young women it is important to focus on good hygiene and give them all the tools necessary to become physically active without having to compromise how they want to look for the rest of the day in their class. The goal for my class is to have the girls participate FULLY, get a great workout in, get their heart rate up, build meaningful relationships with their classmates, and above all, feel comfortable in the locker room and comfortable in taking care of their bodies at all times.


    Thank you for your support and cooperation.


    Coach Guenther



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  • Course Syllabus

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