• Missed/Late Work Policy:

    Students who are absent will have one day for each day they are out to complete missed work.


    One day absent-1 day to make up work.

    Two days absent-2 days to make up work.

    and so on.....


    5 points per day will be deducted from late work.


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  • Tutoring:


    Other Days By Appointment.

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  • Classroom Procedures:

    Beginning of Class

    1. Enter the room quietly, sit in your assigned seat, and begin bell work. (This should

            be completed within 5-10 minutes after the tardy bell.)

    1. Sit quietly while waiting for further instructions from the teacher.
    2. If you have papers for the teacher to sign, place them in the designated tray

    before the tardy bell rings.


    Classroom Travel

    1. Make sure you have permission before you get out of your seat. Raise your hand

    to ask for permission, and wait for the teacher to call on you.

    1. 2 trips to the restroom per 9 weeks. Use them wisely. I take extreme emergencies into consideration.
    2. During lab, or group activities follow the teacher’s instructions on where to go.


    Daily Routines

    1. Turning in work- Follow the teachers instructions on how and where to place the

          work. (Example: pass it forward, place in the tray, etc.)

    1. Quieting the class- When you see the teachers hand raise up, raise your hand, and

          stop what you are doing to listen to the teachers instructions.

    1. Cleaning- Keep your work area clean, and return all supplies to their


    1. Dismissal- Do not get out of your seat, even when your bus is called, or the bell has rung. Wait for Mrs. Campbell to give you permission.
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  • Rules And Consequences:

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