• Safe Gaming

    It is important to ensure you are protecting yourself anytime you are online, which includes gaming.


Safe Gaming

  • Due to the anonymity of gaming, many times people are playing with strangers. This increases the potential of unintended risk factors.

    The risks include:

    • giving away personal information
    • downloading 'cheats' which might actually be a virus
    • illegal downloads
    • becoming addicted

Tips for safe gaming:

    • ensure your antivirus software is updated and the firewall is running
    • play only authorized versions of games
    • use strong passwords
    • don't reveal personal information (directly or indirectly via your username)
    • remove all personal information before selling or giving away your device
    • read the terms and conditions to know what you are agreeing to
    • report abuse/crimes
    • be aware of the games your student is playing and the potential risks within that game