• Welcome to Aguirre Junior High School 

    Due to this national emergency, assignments have been uploaded in Google Classroom to ensure that eduation is still being implemented. Take care and if you have any questions please email me if necessary. 

    Class codes for Google classroom are listed below:

    1st period: sgpu5ub

    2nd period: kvxvdz2

    4th period: znxzd5c

    5th period: 7gzzgch

    6th period: isgwbyu

    7th period: wog2u7g


     Ms. Charity Morgan
    8th Grade English Language Arts Teacher
    Email: charity.morgan@cvisd.org
    Conference Period: 10:38 a.m.-11:26 a.m. (3rd Period)
    Room #: 817
    Contact information: (281) 860-3300 Ext. 3092
    Tutorials: Tuesdays 8:00 a.m.-8:35 a.m. (by appointment only) 
    Transportation will not be provided