Mr. Chase Fenner

Phone: 281-452-7788


Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. in History4-8 Generalist6-12 Social Studies CompositeESL Certified

Mr. Chase Fenner

About me…

Welcome to my classroom website!  My name is Chase Fenner and I am the new 5th grade reading and social studies teacher at Cobb Elementary where we are actively engaged in the success of the community.  I am so excited to have your child as a student in my classroom and to be a part of their 5th grade experience this year.  I am fully dedicated to the success of my students by any means necessary and I know we are going to have a great year.

Personal:  My wife, son (3 years old), and I live in the Kemah area and we have lived there our entire lives.  We are avid bike riders and love going out on trails, nature walks, and to the beach with our dogs.  I love music, movies, and television.  My favorite tv show is Dr Who.  In addition, I am very technologically driven.  I actually build custom computers and have my own Youtube and Twitch channels dedicated to online gaming.  The main game I am playing at the moment is Heroes of the Storm.

I am a graduate of University of Houston with a Bachelors in history (Go Coogs!).  I am a 6th year teacher with 3 years in the district although this is my first year teaching elementary.  I am excited about the new challenges and experiences of teaching a younger group of students.  One benefit of my experience at the middle school level is that I will be very familiar with what students are expected to know going into 6th grade and can make sure that they are ready when they transition to junior high.

Teaching Philosophy:  From my experience I have four main philosophies that drive my classroom. 

1)       Students need to be comfortable and engaged in a positive high-energy environment in order to be successful.  Because of this we use a system called whole brain learning which focuses on kinesthetic (physical) learning techniques.  The other system that I will be implementing slowly throughout the year is flexible seating.  My classroom will not look like a normal classroom with desks and rows.  I am all about doing whatever it takes to be comfortable and ready to learn.    

2)      Teach the skills not the test:  State testing is a necessary part of the education system in Texas and 5th grade is an important year for testing.  That being said, I believe that less focus should be on the test and more focus should be on the actual curriculum.  I believe that if I teach your child to think critically for themselves and give them a set of skills instead, it will help them succeed on any test, but more importantly in life outside of school. 

3)      Collaboration between parents and teachers is absolutely necessary.  I have an open door policy with my parents and believe that an open line of communication is an absolute must.  We both have the ultimate goal of making your child a successful human being.  By working together and staying in touch we can help them to be successful and happy.  A link will be provided later to sign up for a mailing list.  Each week I will provide a weekly email to all parents that explains what we will be doing for the week, major assignments/grades/etc. as well as any other important information I need to give you.   

4)      Technology is the future:  I am very technology driven and will have many additional resources for students that can be used outside of school in order to help them succeed.  I will have a list of online resources that are available to the students at any time.  None of these will be required because I know that not everyone has access to technology but it will definitely benefit students that wish to use the resources.  Many resources throughout the year will also be readily available on this website.   


“I stand upon my desk to remind myself that we must constantly look at things in a different way.”

“No Matter what anyone tells you, words and ideas can change the world.”

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