Classroom Expectations

  • Welcome to 7th grade Math. This is important information that will contribute to your success in my class. Please keep these reference sheets in your folder or binder. You will be notified if there are any updates during the year and responsible for making the changes accordingly.


    Every day supplies  (You may have these already.)



    • One- Spiral notebook to be used as an Interactive Notebook.
    • One- Spiral to be used for daily assignments.
    • Two #2 Pencils
    • Erasers for pencils
    • Pencil Sharpener with receptacle
    • One red pen for grading





    Rewards may be earned for good grades, good attitudes, outstanding performances, improvement, and other types of good behavior. Types of rewards may include bonus points, homework passes or a dip into the reward box.



    Grading Policy


    Regular Math                                      


    50%     Daily Grades *                              

    35%     Major Grades                                

    15%     Nine Weeks Exam/CBA               


    Bell-work / Daily



    Warm-ups are given at the beginning of each class and must be completed in the first 6 minutes of class. They are graded and counted as part of your daily grade.



    Late Work Policy

    ·       15 point deduction for an assignment or homework turned in one day late.

    ·       30 point deduction for work turned in two or more days late.




    ·       The highest grade given on a re-test will be 70. At their discretion, the teacher may also allow students to raise their grade by correcting all incorrect problems on a different sheet of paper showing all work.

    ·       There will be a minimum of two tests given per nine week period.




    ·       TBA


    Rules and Procedures


    Aside from following the school policies, you are also expected to follow the classroom rules and procedures. Class procedures, written or verbal are also expected to be followed. As the need arises, additional procedures will be introduced to you.  See below for classroom Rules and Consequences.