• December Tidings of Learning and Joy

    Posted by Tamra Myers on 12/4/2017

    Can you believe it is December already!   Pretty soon we will be testing for our 2nd 9 Weeks report cards.  Here are some things that your child should be practicing/mastering...

    • Counting to 40 or higher

    • Identifying, reading, writing, and counting numbers to 10   

    • Shapes --

    • Identifying circle, square, rectangle, triangle

      •  Describing number of sides and vertices (corners) 

    •   Coins-- Identifying and comparing pennies and nickels 

    • Letters and Sounds I

    • Identifying uppercase/ capital letters by name 

    • Identifying lower case letters by name

    • Giving the phoneme (sound) for each letter 

    •  Blending sounds to read C-V-C words 

    • Writing the letters for phonemes to make words   

    • Identifying story elements

    If you have any questions about what your child should know please feel free to contact me.    And HERE is this week's newsletter...

    dec news

     December 4 News Download


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  • A cornucopia of Fall Learning

    Posted by Tamra Myers on 11/6/2017

    November is upon us, and as usual there is a lot to learn, and a lot going on.  This week marks the first week that we will have Stretch a Word as part of our homework.  This one activity can foster a lot of learning in a small amount of time. 


     So what is Stretch a Word?  I am glad to tell you--- but since a picture (or a video) is worth a thousand words-- you can find a step by step example here

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  • Spooktacular Learning in Kindergarten

    Posted by Tamra Myers on 10/30/2017

    Week of October 30- November 3


    It is hard to believe that October is almost over and that November will be beginning this week.  We have a busy week ahead.   For one thing it is red-ribbon week and we will be celebrating our drug free status through the clothes we wear (see the note in the newsletter or the bright red flyer that went home).  We will also be having our pumpkin rotation on the 31st. This is not a party- rather it is a series of stations that students will go to for 15 minutes at a time to work on pumpkin related activities.  We will

    • measure our pumpkins 

    • see if pumpkins sink or float   

    • taste pumpkin flavored foods 

    • make a Spookley the square pumpkin snack

    • and use our 5 senses to tell what a pumpkin is like inside and out

    And here is a copy of our newsletter to peruse...newsletter

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  • Learning October Style-- October 16-20

    Posted by Tamra Myers on 10/16/2017

    It is so hard to believe that the first nine weeks have passed. Report cards will be coming out on the 20th, and we are beginning the 2nd nine weeks already. 

    This nine weeks we will be beginning to work on sight words in earnest- so if your child is still a bit behind on learning their letters and sounds it is essential that you work with them at home.  We will continue to work with letters and sounds here at school as well-- but if they are behind they really need that extra 1 on 1 practice with you. 

    Here is a copy of the newsletter that is going home tomorrow...newsletter

    There is an ELA and a Math homework this week.  They are due on Friday. 

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  • The Scoop for October 2nd - 6th

    Posted by Tamra Myers on 10/2/2017

    Time Flies...

    It is hard to believe that it is October already-- and that we are almost through with our first nine weeks.  We are learning a lot-- and need to learn even more.  Here is a copy of the newsletter and homework reminders that your child will be bringing home.

    Kinder Scoop Oct 2

    Homework reminders

    On the right of the homework helper page are some QR codes to letter sound videos.  You can  use a bar code or QR code reader to quickly get to the videos. or type the URL at the bottom of each into the address bar. 

    If you do the Saturday-Just for Fun activity- take a picture and send it to me.  I would love to see you and your child having fun with your letters and/or sight words!

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  • What's Happening in Class Sept 25th-29th

    Posted by Tamra Myers on 9/25/2017

    Here's this weeks scoop!

    our newsletter

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  • The Kindergarten Scoop for Sept 18-22

    Posted by Tamra Myers on 9/19/2017

    This week in Kindergarten we are learning a lot!

    Kindergarten Scoop

    This weeks homework is the same for every day Monday to Thursday:

    • Read 20 minutes each day to and with your child
    • Do one of the math problems on the math homework each day
    • Have your child trace and Write their name on their name worksheet--  Have them say the name of each letter as they trace or write it.

    If your child lost their newsletter or homework information you can find a printable copy at the link below

    Kindergarten Scoop

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  • Welcome and Important Information

    Posted by Tamra Myers on 8/13/2017

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