• J. Million, M.A.T.
    Hello!  I teach physics at CHS.  Below is my class schedule:
    1st- Conference
    2nd- Physics
    3rd- Physics
    4th- Physics
    5th- Pre-AP physics
    6th- Pre-AP physics
    7th- Physics
    8th- Physics
    On Monday all classes meet.
    On Tuesdays and Thursdays only 1st*, 3rd*, 5th*, 7th, and 8th meet.
    On Wednesdays and Fridays only 2nd*, 4rd*, 6th*, 7th and 8th meet.
    * Blocked classes; 2 days of instruction occur on these days.
    Contact information:
    281-452-1450 ext. 2884
    Room 239