Science Fair Winners

  • 6th Grade Group Project Winners

    3rd Place - Perla Duran and Ruby Zuniga

    2nd Place - Ocean Willard and Karla Rodriguez

    1st Place - Jacqueline Lucio and Glenda Sanchez

    6th Grade Individual winners are:

    3rd Place - Marco Antonio Hurtado

    2nd Place - Anahy Baca

    1st Place - Sammy Ijarah


    7th Grade Individual Winners

    3rd Place - Hilary Hutchins

    2nd Place - Natalie Perez

    1st Place - Yael X. Andujar

    8th Grade Group Winners

    2nd Place - Dallas Ward and Madison Wolfe

    1st Place - Alejandro Camberos and Alejandro Garcia 
    8th Grade Individual Winners

    3rd Place - Clayton Sissom

    2nd Place - Tyler Swart

    1st Place - Summer  Ijarah
Science Fair