• Math
       Welcome 7th Grade Bulldogs
    Welcome to 7th grade Pre-AP math! I am excited to introduce you to a whole new FUN world of MATH!
    We will be incorporating real world instances that involve math 
    in order to fully grasp different concepts. 
     Math is so important in our day to day lives and I want to show you all that it can be exciting and not extremely difficult to understand! However, if you do seem to struggle, no worries I will have tutorials once a week! If you cannot make it on that day you may setup an appointment that will work for you
    Tutorials will be held in my room 728: 
     Wednesdays - 4:15-5:15
    Other arrangements can be made by appointment  
    Conference time: 1:19-2:06 
    Contact Info:
    E-mail: clarissa.perez@cvisd.org 
     Phone: 281-860-3300