• Welcome to Mrs. Henderson's 6th grade Science Labratory!
    At this time, all work has been moved online, students will be using Google Classroom for all of their classes.  All instructions and work will be located in Google classroom.  Students make sure to check your assignments daily so you wont miss out on any important instructions or information. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me at melanie.henderson@cvisd.org. If you forgot how to log on please use the link below. See you in the classroom! :)
    Google class codes:
    1st Period rw7eww6
    2nd Period Conference  
    3rd Period 454ke4y
    4th Period ydhbqso
    5th Period 31xzmd6
    6th Period 7p5xfpc
    7th Period 34q3i7o
     science rip harambe
     My course Syllabus can be found here
    Phone: 281-860-3300 ext 3034
    Tutorial Information-
    Tutorials will be held every Thursday at 7:45 AM sharp! (Must let me know in advance if you are attending)
    Conference Period- 2nd Period 9:46 AM-10:34 AM (If you would like to schedule a conference please contact the front office at 281-860-3300)