• Welcome to Algebra I!
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    Mathematics Is Not Only For Solving Equations. 

    It’s Also For Dividing Sorrow, Subtracting Sadness,

    Adding Happiness, And Multiplying

    Love And Forgiveness.
    Teacher's Schedule
    1st Period - Algebra I
    2nd Period - Algebra I
    3rd Period -  Algebra I
    4th Period -  Algebra I
    5th Period - Conference (1:14 - 2:04 pm)
    6th Period - Algebra I
    7th Period - Algebra I
    Tutorial times will be held on Thursday before school from 8:00 - 8:35 am.
    After school tutorials will be held by student appointment.
    Mrs. Alfaro
    (281) 860 - 3300
    Room 830