• Pre-Ap World Geography 2nd Unit

    Attached is the discussion powerpoint for The Israeli Palestinian Conflict. Although some information is available from the powerpoint, it is your responsibility to look up your side rather (Palestinian or Israeli) on the net. All the information will not be available in the powerpoint I provide. You need to RESEARCH. FIRST focus on Secuity and Borders.


    Israeli Palestinian Conflict Powerpoint






    The Writing prompt for Unit 4 Test is " Explain what you think the following statement means. "One's Man's Terrorist is another Man's Hero" also "Use the two conflicts below to back up your answer" Chechnya & Russia" & " Israel & Palestine" I am attaching the last three extended readings. Please read each reading over again for an hour each. We have a test and I want you prepared.

    Reading 1 Types of Government Types of Government Systems

    Reading 2 Borders and Nation Nations & Borders

    Reading 3 Political Processes and Citizenship Political Processes and Citizenship

    Attached is the Political Organizqation of Space PowerPoint. Political Organization of Space

    Attached is the introductory powerpoint for Political Geography. Intro to Political Geography.pdf


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