• Daniel Morgan 

    email: daniel.morgan@cvisd.org

    Room: 413 

    Extension: 2219


    8th Grade U.S. History

     This year will discuss American history from European colonization beginning in 1492 to the American Civil War and Reconstruction (1860-1876). Students will learn the intricacies of European Colonization and their impact on the history of the nation through the Civil War.


    Topics we will cover in class:

    -1st 9 weeks

    -European Exploration

    -Political, Economic, Geographic, and Social reasons for colonization of North & South America 

    -Founding of British Colonies (P.E.G.S.)



    ---Mayflower Compact

    --13 Colonies

    --Religion in the colonies

    --Governing the colonies

    -French and Indian War

    -Causes of the American Revolution

    -Battles of the American Revolution





              Red-England, Purple-France, Orange-Spain