•  Welcome to Ms. Burkhart's 7th Grade Science Class!
    Penguin wants to Science!

    Room: 732 

    Tutorial Day: Thursday 4:15-5:15 PM
    Conference Period: 2nd Period 9:46 AM - 10:34 AM  
    (In order to schedule a conference, please contact the front office at 281-860-3300)

    SCHEDULE OF WEEK 7 (10/01-10/05)

    The middle of Unit 3: Genetics

    Monday: How can popsicle sticks be used to model heredity?

    Tuesday: Amoeba Sisters: Alleles and Genes

    Wednesday: Quickcheck and Quizlet Live on Chromebooks

    Thursday: Punnett Squares and Writing Wed (on Thurs)

    Friday: Inherited Traits Activity 

    Science CBA #1 is on October 16th!!!