• Friday, June 5, 2020

    Dearest Crenshaw students and families,

    I want to start by telling you all just how much I miss all of you.  I enjoyed seeing many of you on Zoom meetings with your teachers.  And I loved seeing all your fun pictures and your adorable pets.  But none of that can take the place of seeing you and your smiling faces every day.  I am so proud of all of you that kept trying to do your work and learn new things online.  I had to learn how to do a lot of new things online this spring too.  It was a challenge.  Crenshaw is just not the same without the kids.  Its very empty - really clean - but very sad and empty.  I even miss lunch duty - can you believe that ??  I wish I could tell you more about what we will be doing next year, but we are still working on that.  I hope we get to have school together again.  Parents, please keep up with things in the district by visiting the website often.  



    Mrs Lane

    mrs lane