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    Theatre Arts



    Hello and welcome to Mr. Chmielewski's( Shh-em-uh-less-key) Syllabus and website! You and your parents can call me Mr. "C" if you like. (I know, it's easier!) I look foward to all the hard work and fun we will have this year! Below is all the important information you will need for my class.



    Teacher: Mr. Chmielewski 

    Length of Course: One Year

    Room: 317 (Alice Johnson) & 430 (Aguirre)

    Conference: 11:37AM-1:15PM

    Phone: (Aguirre) 281-860-3300 (Alice Johnson) 281-452-8030

    Email: billy.chmielewski@cvisd.org

    PHILOSOPHY: Theatre is a study of the human condition.  Through theatre, students are able to learn skills that can be used in everyday life.  The study of human relationships as well as how to deal with a variety of relationships, can be seen through all theatre classes.   At Anthony Aguirre Junior High, theatre students are taught that the way one works on stage is the way one will work in one’s everyday life.  We teach excellence.  This program works to foster a strong, honest, and positive work ethic both onstage and off.  All students will benefit from ongoing educational theatre experiences no matter what his/her profession may be in the future.



    Ensemble                                 Confidence                             Constructive Criticism           

    Movement                               Poise                                        Peer Critique - Verbal & Written

     Monologues                            Excellence in performance                      Duet Acting                                       

    Auditioning Techniques            Theatre Research and History            Reader's Theatre

    Improvisation                          Group Acting                                     Character Analysis

    Pantomime                             Audience Etiquette                                  Subtext

    Play Production                      Theatrical Design Work                  Creative Collaboration

    Vocal Techniques                    Poetry Performance                      Theatre Warm-ups

     Supplies needed for class:

    • 2 inch 3 ring binder with pockets (this stays in class at all times)
    • Paper
    • Pens
    • Pencils
    • Box of Kleenex/tissue


    Section 5(a) of the Texas State Theatre TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) states all theatre students must: apply appropriate behavior at various types of live performances. Audience behavior will be counted as part of every performance grade.  Rude or distracting behavior will NOT BE tolerated, and any disruptive, distracting, or demeaning action exhibited during a performance will result in disciplinary consequences.


    CLASS RULES:                                                            

    1. Show RESPECT at all times to all people.
    2. Phones & headphones must be OFF and stored AWAY.
    3. Arrive on time = BEFORE THE BELL.
    5. No food/gum/candy.


    1. Warning/Reminder to correct the problem
    2. Private teacher/student conference
    3. Student consequence
    4. Parent Contact
    5. Office referral

    *Extreme disrespect or inappropriate behavior will result in immediate office referral.


    All Aguirre/Alice Johnson Theatre students are required to attend two productions produced by the CVHS Theatre Department.  Attendance at these productions provides students a convenient way to view live theatre while also teaching theatre appreciation, theatre etiquette and constructive criticism.  The student must stay for the ENTIRE performance.  BEFORE and AFTER each performance, students will sign in/out in at a designated table for attendance verification. Please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early, as there will be no late seating.  After attending each play, students will be required to write a critique of the performance.  Specific guidelines will be provided closer to the performance date. Attending the event and written critiques will count as a major TEST grade for each student.  Students who fail to attend a required performance without prior notice will be given a zero for a major test grade. Listed below are the plays and performance dates for required attendance:





    Attitude is one of the most important areas in Theatre Arts.  Because this is a performance based class, it is very important that students are supportive of each other and maintain a positive attitude about getting up in front of each other.  Students will be in groups for many assignments, so getting along with everyone is important!  Attitude will play a vital role in a student’s success in theatre.