• Engineering Design & Development (EDD-PLTW)- In this course, students will identify a problem, research the problem, develop a possible solution to the problem, design a prototype and/or solution, test their solution, and present their solution to a panel of experts. This year long process will be documented using an Engineering Notebook and within the Innovation Portal.  Some students have used their documentation to patent their solution.  This is an equally challenging and rewarding course of study that will prepare students for continued success in STEM Academics and/or employment. 

    Robotics 1-  In this course student will design, build, test, and compete with a robot within the First Robotics Competition (FRC).  FRC is the 4th level of robotics competition developed by FIRST (https://www.firstinspires.org/).  FRC is, "the hardest fun, you'll ever have!"  Additionally, student will development business and 'soft' skills to be a member of the team.