• Welcome to Theatre Arts!


    Hello and welcome to Junior High Theatre for the 2020-2021 achool year. This year will be different, challenging and confusing. But that is ok! We are here to learn and grow together. Here are some things we need to know for the school year.  


    Online learning participation is important. You WILL need to sign in and show that you are present and participating. Your grades will be affected by your participation. 

    Please write down your GOOGLE CLASSROOM CODES for evry class and keep them in a safe place. You will need these codes to enter the class and to submit your assignments. Please look to your google classroom for more class details. 


    Period 1 google classroom code dtq5cq3

    Period 2 google classroom code iphi5jd
    Period 3 google classroom code t74qsim
    Period 4 google classroom code gbhr4dr
    Period 6 google classroom code xua6u2r
    Period 7 google classroom code ebtww7f
    Parents, please note that any recordings or images of your child kept private. This also means that any activity is closely monitored and that ANY innappropriate behavior, pranks or jokes will receive immediate discipline. 

    I hope to see you very soon! And remember to wear your mask and stay safe!! 

    I am a proud graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University and would love to share my theatre experiences with you as well as convince you to become a future lumberjack! 





    ext- 3077

    Tutorial time- m-th until 4:45pm