• Welcome to U.S. History with Ms. Mandujano

    Welcome to Ms. Mandujano's U.S. History class!

    Im so excited to reach each one of my students though effective learning experiences in person and though distance learning online! Each class period has a google Classroom set up and each student has already been added with their student account Daily assignments as well as major projects will be made available either electronically (Classroom) or in person. If at any time a students is absent from class, please make sure you send me a quick email and as what assignments were missed. Im happy to have you and hope we rock the socks out of this academic year.

    This academic year, we will place our focus on a variety of topics surrounding the upbringing of our country. Soe of those topics are: Colonization, the American Revolution and the results of that war, the start of the U.S. as an independent country, the many issues we encountered as we began to establish structure, the start of political parties, themes that described our cultures and beliefs, and the many issues we faced that ultimately lead to the Civil War. It seems like this is too much, but we are capable of mastering these topics and the rest together!

    You may send me an email for any assignment help or questions. Please also be mindful that Google Hangouts is also an amazing tool to use and should download it if you have a electronic device (smart phone or tablet) or simply log on to your student gmail account on a computer to access the Hangouts application. The icon for this application looks like a green bubble with quotation marks.

    Example: My student's name is Susy Sample; her ID number is 1234567. Susy's students account would be 1234567@cvisd.org. This account is also her email.

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    My contact information is the following:

    Email: victoria.mandujano@cvisd.org

    Phone: 281-452-8030 Extension 2262

    Conference: 1230pm-115pm (4th Period)