• Welcome to Mr Bergman's Robotics class


    We will be developing skills all year long that will deal with physics, engineering, and design. The outline for most units will follow the outline listed below. This process will be reinforced by using virtual world robotics programs that guide the student through the entire process. Students will get the opportuity to join the robotics team that competes in different events throughout the year.




    1. Breadboard projects

    2. Building protypes

    3. Understanding circuits

    4. Soldering 

    5. Working with LEDs, capacitors, transistors, switches, etc.

    6. Operating electronics witrh Arduino coding



    Robot Order of Operations

    Our team will create progressive deadlines between now and our first competition/classroom assignments. Major milestones are listed below, but our team should have much more specific goals set after we meet for the first time.

    1.     Design the Robot

    2.     Build the Robot frame

    3.     Attach the Android phones (competition)

    4.     Lay out the wiring and draw a wiring diagram

    5.     Wire the Robot

    6.     Program the Robot

    7.     Test the Robot

    8.     Make adjustments

    9.     Repeat


    Specific Tasks

    We should take the major milestones and break them up into small tasks. This list should include everything that needs to be done throughout the season. This might involve:

    1.     What is involved in completing this milestone?

    2.     How many parts are included?

    3.     How does this design fit into this challenge/milestone/competition?

    4.     What materials are needed for this task?


    The plan may change along the way, but this will help the team learn to plan and think through the process beforehand. If we don't plan beforehand, we will get distracted, make design changes too late in the process, fall behind our deadlines, and ultimately fail to finish on time.

    Due Dates

    We will assign due dates to each of the tasks listed. Helpful questions may be:

    1.     How long will this task take?

    2.     What needs to be done before this task can be started?

    3.     What are the grading rubrics


    The robotics web site can be found here: Alice Johnson Robotics team

Types of teams
team 5
2019 World Championship
2019 World Championship