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                                                                                              Ms. Taylor-Roberts (taressa.taylor-roberts@cvisd.org)

                                                                                                                ELAR Resource/Inclusion


    My name is Ms. Taylor-Roberts. I will be teaching ELAR (Resource/Inclusion) for the 2019-2020 school year. I look forward to making your child learning experience fun and successful. My goal is to make my class a safe learning for my students to be successful in learning, communication, and social skills. 



    Additionl Information: Hello Parents, due to school closures,  interruption with learnng in the classroom has taken place. It can be a challenge for parents and students with academics growth, development, stability. and consistency. Some ways to assist our student with learning, is using research-based learing resources at home; which will help keep them engaged, valuable learning experiences in their lives. 

    By using Google Classroom (they will need their(username, ID#) google email account, and ID#. They will have access to all on-line classroom (assignments tests, quizzes, video, reading passages, questions, etc) that have been attach to their google classroom account. 

    Free Additional On-Line Digital Programs: Redeem Code: SCHOOL7771

    Reading IQ: Please visit www.ReadingIQ.com/redeem

    Adventure Academy: visit www.Adventure Academy.com/redeem

    If you need any assistance, contact Age of Learning Custom Support (support@aofl.com)