Tricia Rudolph

    Hello and welcome to my page! My name is Tricia Rudolph. Please take a look at each subject that I teach to get a glance at the types of projects that may be included in our school year and past student artworks. Encourage your students to sign up for my art classes at C.H.S. to give them an outlet and to learn something new! STUDENTS AT ANY SKILL LEVEL CAN MAKE MEANINGFUL ART! Feel free to contact me anytime, info below:


    B.F.A. Art & Design with EC-12 Certification
    Art 1, Sculpture 2 & 3 Instructor
    Channelview High School & Kolarik 9th Grade Center
    P. 713.378.3400 Room K139
    Reach me quicker sometimes on Remind 101 App
    Class Name: Rudolph Art 20-21
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