• What are the school’s hours?

    Students may begin arriving at 7:10 am.  Complimentary breakfast will be served in the cafeteria to all students from 7:10 am – 7:40 am.  Classes are held between the hours of 7:45 am – 3:15 pm. 7:45 am and there after is considered late. 


    What do I need to do if transportation plans change for my child?

    Please call before 2:15 pm if there is any change in how your child will go home for the day.  Bus IDs are required for all kindergarten students that will be riding the bus.  Yellow car rider placards are required for any child to be released in the car rider line.  If you forget or misplace your car rider placard, you will be asked to park to come into the office to show identification so that we may release your child.

    Additionally, please note that if you will be checking your student out of school early, you will need to arrive before 2:30 pm.  No students can be checked out at or after 2:30 pm.  No exceptions.


    How much are the school’s spirit shirts?

    The previous year's shirts are available for $5 and are only available in youth sizes. The new shirts can be found in our Quick Links on our webpage and can be ordered with the front office. Personalization is available for an additional $5.  School spirit shirts may be worn any day of the week with uniform pants or on Fridays with jeans. 


    How can I help raise money for the school?

    We collect Box Tops for Education and Coke rewards, which can be found on many products that you already purchase.  Please drop them off in the front office or have your child bring them to school with them.  We also will have various temporary fundraisers throughout the year. The information on these fundraisers can be found under our Quick Links tab as well as in the front office. 


    Who is the school named after?

    The school is named after Manuel Lorenzo Justiniano de Zavala y Sáenz, who lived from October 3, 1788 - November 15, 1836.  He was a 19th-century Mexican politician of Spanish descent and served as finance minister under President Vicente Guerero.  A colonizer and statesman, he was also the interim Vice President of the Republic of Texas, serving under interim President David G. Burnet from March to October 1836.