• DeZavala Clinic


    Our goal is to reduce the spread of communicable disease at school and to promote a healthy environment for all students attending school.  Of course, handwashing is vital to the prevention of spreading disease, but children still get sick.  If your child has a temperature at 100.4 degrees or over without medication, they should remain at home.  When fever is accompanied by sore throat, nausea, or rash, a contagious illness is suspected. He/she should remain at home until fever free for twenty-four hours without medication.  For more information about whether or not your child should be sent to school, please refer to the Should I Keep My Child Home from School page.


    It is absolutely crucial that every household has a thermometer at home to be able to check their child’s temperature before sending them to school.  Thermometers can be purchased at almost any store for just a few dollars and they are so important in helping to keep all of our children healthy.


    The caller ID for the clinic will appear on your phone as 245-2.  Please be sure to always answer the phone for this ID.  The nurse may be calling to let you know that your child is sick or has had an accident.  Although we hope that we do not have to contact you, we must be able to get in touch with you if something happens.

    Ms. Banda
    Phone: (281) 452-6008 ext.