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    When does the school day begin?
    The school day starts at 7:45 a.m.
    Students are tardy if they are not in their classroom by 7:45 
     When and where can I drop off my child? 
    Students may be dropped off in the morning in the parent pickup area, near the side entrance of the school (on Trecastle Street). Parents who are dropping off students in cars should get in the parent pickup line, as it is dangerous for students to cut across the parking lot. Students should NOT be dropped off prior to 7:10 A.M. because there is no adult supervision before that time.
    When dropping off or picking up children please:
    • do not park in the driveway
    • remain in a single file line in the driveway
    • observe and follow all safety signs (especially regarding traffic direction and flow)
    When does the school day end? 
     Students who are being picked up at school should be picked up by 3:15 p.m.
    If your child is a bus rider their arrival time will depend on their bus route, feel free to contact Transportation for more information.
    What should I do if I need to change the way my child gets home?  
     In order to change the way that your child goes home from school, parents or guardians need to send a note or call the school no later than 2:30 p.m. 
    We also ask that parents do not come to the bus area to pick up students. If you call or send a note the student can be picked up in the front office, or in the parent pickup area (which is much safer for all parties involved).
    Can I walk my child to class? 
    On the first day of school parents are allowed to walk their child to class. But that is the only time that that is allowed.  We take your child's safety seriously and it is easier for us to supervise if only authorized faculty, staff, and students are allowed in the building during the busy morning arrival time.
    Can my child's brother/sister/cousin walk them to class? 
    No, family members may not walk each other to class, because all students need to report to their own classrooms. The morning is a time when students can go to breakfast, then to their homeroom,  where students may have work already waiting for them, or opportunities to get extra help from their teacher. We want our students to be safe, so we ask them to go to their own classroom where their homeroom teacher is waiting to supervise them.
    Can I visit my child at school?
    You are welcome to visit most days after 8:00 a.m. (some days such as at the beginning of the school year, and school testing days may be the exception).  You must register at the front office and wear your visitor's pass. Your driver's license will be scanned through RAPTOR for a criminal check and you will be issued a pass upon clearance.  Please contact the principal's office regarding special consideration. 
    What happens if my child is tardy? 
    When your child is tardy to school they miss out on valuable instruction time. If your child has excessive tardies during the 9 week period, they may be required to serve detention as a consequence.  
    Where, when, and how much is breakfast for my child?  
    Our school participates in a program called "Breakfast for All".  Breakfast is provided free of charge in the cafeteria for all students from 7:10-7:45 a.m.    
    How much is school lunch? 
    Normal school prices for lunch are:
    Students-- $1.75
    Visiting Children-- $2.50
    Adults-- $3.00 
    How do I apply for free or reduced lunch?
    Paperwork is available when you register your child, or in the front office.  Please fill out and return it as soon as possible.  Until the paperwork is returned and processed you may be responsible for regular school lunch prices.
    May I eat with my child?  
    During the first three weeks of school we will not allow parents to eat lunch with their children. This allows us time to get our cafeteria up and running and lessens the separation anxiety of  our younger students.  
    After the first three weeks parents can eat lunch with their child by obtaining a visitor pass from the front office. (You must bring your State I.D. or Driver's License to be scanned through Raptor for a criminal check -upon clearance you will be issued a pass that allows you to go to the cafeteria and eat with your child.)  The pass does not allow you to go anywhere else in the building- if you intend to visit elsewhere please obtain permission from the office ahead of time.
    You may either buy a school lunch, or bring food for your child and yourself .
    Can I bring snacks/candy/cupcakes for my child's birthday?
    Because of the healthy food guidelines for the school, and because of other health concerns, we do not allow parents to bring birthday foods.  Parents are welcome to order birthday ice-cream treats through the cafeteria, If you wish to do so you must make arrangements at least 1 day ahead of time and  be available to pass out the treats to the class.  You may also/instead send  non-food treat items (such as stickers or pencils) to the classroom teacher for distribution. 
    What kind of backpack does my child need?
    Backpacks must be either clear or mesh.  We also ask that students do not bring rolling backpacks (as they damage the floor).
    Clear and mesh backpacks can be difficult to find after the beginning of the school year- so you may want to buy an extra one if you think your child might need a replacement backpack partway through the year .
    What kind of shoes can my child wear?
    Students are asked to wear shoes that do not distract other students, or compromise the safety of themselves or others.  For example, shoes that roll or have built in roller skates are a safety hazard.  Shoes that twinkle or light up are a distraction to other students.  
    What should my child wear to school?
     Our school has standardized dress.  Students may wear the following:
    • Blue, black or khaki colored shorts or  pants (these should be straight legged pants with no outside pockets- cargo pants/shorts and carpenter pants/shorts are not allowed)
    • Pants should fit the student without sagging or slipping.
    • Students in 1st -5th grade should wear a school appropriate belt and keep their shirts tucked in
    • Shirts should be a solid colored (no logos, stripes, or patterns) polo shirt (with a collar and 3 buttons)
    • Girls may also choose to wear a skirt or jumper in blue, black or khaki (many of these now have built in shorts, if not a pair of shorts may be worn beneath them)
    • If students are going to wear a sweater in class it should be solid colored and should not have a hood.
    The student handbook has a section about the district dress code if you should need more information,
    What is a Spirit shirt and where/how can I get one?  
     Spirit shirts are shirts which the school sells at the beginning of the school year, and at selected other times throughout the year.  The shirt may vary in design from year to year, but will include the name of the school, and usually the school mascot and/or motto.  Spirit shirts may be worn on designated days (usually Fridays) with school uniform pants or jeans.
    School Spirit shirts can be ordered at "Meet the Teacher". The current price is $12  (cash only please).
     What kind of hairstyles are not allowed at school?
    Students should refrain from wearing any hair style that will distract others from learning. This includes:
    • Mohawks or Fowhawks (faux-hawks)
    • designs cut into hair (spirals, lines, initials, or other patterns)
    • inappropriate hair colors (orange, green, purple, blue, red)
    Can my child wear jeans on Friday?
     Jeans may only be worn on designated Fridays-- with a spirit shirt.  Although this usually means most Fridays, it does not always start the first week or two of school.  Please wait until your child's teacher or the school informs you about Spirit Days before sending your child to school in jeans.
    What can my child wear on picture days? 
     What can my child wear on picture days? 
     We usually have picture day twice a year-- so the dress code may vary for fall and spring pictures. Your child's teacher, or the office, will be able to tell you whether standardized dress (our usual dress code) is required. Even if students are not required to wear standardized dress, they are still required to follow the District Dress Code.  
    If you have questions about whether or not an outfit is suitable or will be allowed for school pictures, please ask.
    Can I send medicine to school with my child?
     Please do not send medicine (including cough drops) to school with your child.  If your child needs medicine, you must bring it to the nurse and fill out the appropriate forms.  If you are sending medicine to the nurse please make sure it is in its original bottle.
    What should I do if my child will be/was absent?
    If you know your child is going to be absent, please contact the attendance clerk or call the office to report your child's absence.  Then follow up with a note or doctor's note.
    You should send a note for every absence.  If your child has had 5 absences they will need a doctor's note for any subsequent absences.  A phone call does not take the place of a note!
    Who can pick up my child?  
    The only people who can pick up your child are the ones you have designated in their paperwork.  If you are planning on having someone different pick up your child, you will have to provide written consent for them to pick up your child, and they will have to provide identification.
    What must I do to sign my child out of school? 
    You must bring a picture I.D. when signing your child out of school.