• Home Access Center

    Below you will find information on how to access your grades online from the Home Access Center. Home Access will allow you and your parents to view assignments, assignment grades, progress reports and report card grades. Please follow the steps below to login.

    Home Access Website:   Home Access Center   (Click the link)

    Username: 123456 (Student School ID number 6-digits)

    Password: M/DD/YYYY* or MM/DD/YYYY** (Student's Date of Birth and must include the "/" forward slash) 

    • *If your student's birthday is January - September their password will be a single digit for the month M/DD/YYYY.
    • **If your student's birthday is October - December their password will be a double digit for the month MM/DD/YYYY.
    • NOTE: If your student's birthday contains a single digit for the Day (ex: 11/3/2009 or 1/7/2009) Please use a single digit for the day MM/D/YYYY or M/D/YYYY.