• Welcome to Mr. Arroyo's U.S. History class!


    I'm very excited to provide each one of my students through effective learning in the classroom and online learning. Each class period will have a google classroom set up and each student will have access with thier student acccount; students will be able to access daily assignments and projects. If for any reason a student is not present in class, please follow up with me and send me an email to determine what assignments may have been missed. I'm very hopeful this will be a great year and I am excited to get to finally meet each one of you.


    This school year our attention will be on a varity of topics about the founding of our country. A few of these topics are: Colonization, American Revolution, and the aftermath of this war. We will also entertain how certian laws change and evolve our country through the centuries. This is a course you will not want to sleep on!


    Eli Arroyo

    Room 314