• hey   My name is Ms. Boehme.  I am the librarian for our wonderful wolf pack.  

                                                                    This is my 21st year as a certified librarian and I feel blessed to be working in the same district the entire time.   My favorite color is purple.  My favorite                                                                   animal is a giraffe. My family is extremely important to me.  I have 6 people                                                            who make up "all my children".  My cousins 4 kids and my 2 wonderful nieces. 

                                              They are my world.


                                                                                            I love books and reading. 

                                                  I especially love getting my kiddos to enjoy learning. 

                                                  I strive to learn something new and be kind every day.                                                                                    breaking news      

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                                           Please click here to be linked to my library page with my youtube channel info.