• What is the philosophy at Endeavor High School? 
    Students at Endeavor High School are encouraged and expected to be in control of their educational future.  When students come to Endeavor, they are quickly immersed in an environment that is mature in nature. 
    Students enjoy spending time at the Campbell Center.  There are several table games available to them before school and during lunch.  After school activities can be arranged with the building principal as well. 
    Students are encouraged to “Pay It Forward.”  Several community blood drives and benefit pancake breakfasts are just some of the activities that the students at Endeavor assist in. 
    CISD has noted Endeavor’s student of the month as being leaders not only at school, but in the community, too.
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  • Why do students choose Endeavor?

    There are several reasons why students enroll at EHS. First, possibilities decrease of students being "lost" in a smaller environment. Second, students are better served in terms of student/teacher ratio. Third, Endeavor students are given an opportunity to earn some credits at a self-paced, accelerated rate once they have passed the Exit Level TAKS or End of Course (EOC) Exams. Finally, Endeavor has flexible scheduling available for students who are in need of this option.

    Research has determined a measurable, positive relationship between smaller schools and reduced discipline problems.

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  • How do I enroll at Endeavor High School?
    All potential students to Endeavor High School must have a parent/principal conference prior to enrollment.  Call the Campbell Learning Center office to set up an appointment with the principal and/or counselor (281-457-0086).
    Prior to the conference, an application must be completed.  This can be done prior to the student conference.  The application is brief and takes about 5 minutes to fill out.
    At the conference, the student's current grades, test scores, discipline record (if any) and graduation plan will be discussed.  This is usually a 20 - 30 minute meeting.  Any student who is under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian present in this meeting.  No student under the age of 18 can enroll into Endeavor without parental/guardian consent.

    If it is agreed to by all parties that it would serve in the student's best interest to attend Endeavor, the student/parent will be given an acceptance letter.  This letter will be given to the CHS register to begin the withdrawal process from CHS.  Once the parent has signed the withdrawal paper from CHS, the student may begin Endeavor the following school day. 
    Any student who is enrolled in special services must have an ARD meeting prior to enrollment to Endeavor.  An Endeavor representative must be present in the meeting to provide information.  Contact the Endeavor counselor or principal for more information concerning ARD meetings for Endeavor enrollment.
    Click HERE to print out an enrollment form.
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  • Do I get the same kind of diploma as the high school?

    YES.  All students graduating from Endeavor High School earn a high school diploma that is recognized by:

    • the state of Texas
    • any school of higher education
    • the United States military
    A diploma from Endeavor High School is like any other traditional high school in the state of Texas.
    At one time, Endeavor did offer the option of a GED over a high school diploma.  However, that has not been available for several years.
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  • Is Endeavor only for "bad" kids?
    NO!  Endeavor is a "School of Choice" in Channelview ISD which offers a different type of learning environment than a student receives in a more traditional high school setting.  It is a place for students to come who need more flexibility in their day or who have gotten behind their peers and need to catch back up to where they should be.
    A School of Choice Alternative Education Program provides accelerated instructional services to students at risk of dropping out of school. It is designed to facilitate school attendance and success for students with unique circumstances.  A student does not have to be considered an "at-risk student" to attend Endeavor. 

    Endeavor High School's goals are to engage student learning, to ensure student success toward expedite credit recovery and assist students to meet the graduation requirements as determined by the Texas Board of Education (TEC Chapter 74.52) and Channelview ISD’s Board of Trustees.

    Classes are available in the four core subject areas of English, math, science, social studies and a limited number of electives.

    Endeavor High School serves students in grades 9 through 12.

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  • What kind of activities can I do at Endeavor?
    Special events at Endeavor High School are ongoing.  Students have the opportunity to go on academic field trips, have nationally recognized guest speakers visit, and have unique assemblies that meet the interests of students. 
    Students are encouraged to participate in the organization of quarterly blood drives under the direction of the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center. 
    Tutoring is available for students who need additional help or desire to earn additional credit.
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  •  Will all of my classes be on a computer?
    No.  Students receive direct instruction in all core area classes and selected elective and career technology classes.  The only time when students are required to be on a computer is for:
    • a limited number of accelerated classes
    • any class assignments that technology is required to complete an assignment
    • some electives where staff isn't available to directly teach the students
    • a teacher is present in ALL classes at all times to answer any questions students have

    Endeavor High School has excellent technology available for students and teachers.

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