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    • Absences

      Regular & consistent attendance is one of the single most important reasons a child achieves success at school.  All students are expected to attend school regularly in order to gain maximum benefit from the instructional program.

      • Following an absence, students must also bring a note signed by the parent that describes the reason for the absence within 48 hours of their return. Please submit the absence excuse in writing or by email to the Attendance Clerk
      • If there is no contact between the school & the parent regarding an absence then the absence will be marked as unexcused.
      • After 9:30 AM, the student is considered absent for that day unless they have been to the doctor and presents a doctor's note upon arrival.



      • Students will be marked tardy at 8:10 AM.
      • Students arriving after 8:10 AM must be accompanied by parents to the office.