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    Hello Awesome Students and Parents, 
    My name is Mrs. Mitchell and I will be teaching 8th Grade Math for the 2020-2021 school year.
    Please note: Even though this year is different from any other year - - -
    Everyone is still required to take the 8th Grade Math STAAR Test.  I will provide the date at a later time. 

    The first 4 weeks of school will be done completely virtual.  It is important that you attend the Live classes so that you can ask questions.
    This is the year where you will be allowed to use a Graphing Calculator -  with classwork AND on the STAAR Test. I will be showing you lots of tricks during our Virtual Lessons.
    These classes will also be recorded so that if need be, you can go back and review certain parts of the lesson.
    Grades will be taken during while we are virtual learning, so make sure you are keeping up with you work.  Grades will be posted in both Google Classroom and on Eschool.
    Thank you and Together we can make this a great year,
    Mrs. Mitchell   
    Math Gives Us Hope that Every Problem has a Solution.