• Daniel Henderson
    Kolarik 9th Grade Center - Inclusion Specialist
    Assistant Varsity Baseball Coach

       In education, an inclusion specialist is a certified teacher who has specialized knowledge of the current principles and techniques of educating students with significant disabilities in general education classrooms. This specialist not only provides support to students in inclusion programs, but also assists general education teachers and paraeducators to ensure that students have chances to succeed in the classroom. In addition, a specialist effectively communicates with parents concerning all aspects of their child’s educational program. Specialists possess extensive knowledge of disabilities, from mild or moderate to severe, and have experience supporting students with a wide range of educational and support needs.
       An inclusion specialist uses knowledge of federal and state mandates to assist students who require special education services. She also has experience related to the development and implementation of an Individual Education Plan (IEP). In developing an IEP, she must be in compliance with legalities while setting appropriate timelines for improvements in students to occur. Inclusion specialists regularly coordinate and participate in IEP meetings with teachers, parents, psychologists, physical, occupational, and speech therapists,and other special education professionals.