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         Hello Schochler family. I hope and pray that your family is safe and well. I miss you tremendously! I have added a few new pages and links to this website. Please take time to look around. New pages are:

    * "Weekly Distance Learning Music Lessons"- These are also posted on the Schochler school website in  the "Lesson Plans" link (Art, Music, and Pe will be listed at the bottom). 

    * "Music Links"- Fun, educational music websites. 

    * "Music Activity Pages"- Coloring pages, puzzles, and more to print out and complete. 

         Also, we have created a Class DoJo for Groups classes: Art- Mr. Vasquez; Music- Mrs. Hargraves, and PE- Mrs. (Coach) Roeder. This is an excellent tool of communicating with our students and families. We are posting weekly Groups activities/projects in "Class Story". You may upload a picture of your weekly projects in the "Portfolio" section. Coach Roeder sent instructions (in Class Story) on how to upload a picture on April 6. You may also send us personal messages in "Messages". I have enjoyed reading all the messages I've received thus far. I look forward to hearing from everyone soon. Keep making music! 

    Music Pic with kids

    Mrs. Hargraves                                             






    At Schochler, your child will be participating in a music class designed to foster lifelong appreciation of music through singing, playing instruments, music games, folk dancing, and creating music. Your child may also be involved in grade level and school wide performances, and you will be invited to attend or volunteer to assist with these performances. In our classroom, we have the privilege of visiting "Quaver's Marvelous World of Music". This is a fun, interactive, technology/internet based curriculum that teaches musical concepts with new and creative methods. We have a blast with Mr. Quaver and his friends in our classroom. 


    Cindy Hargraves