At Schochler, your child will be participating in a music class designed to foster lifelong appreciation of music through singing, instruments, music games, and creating music. Your child may also be involved in grade level and school wide performances, and you will be invited to attend or volunteer to assist with these performances. In our classroom, we have the privilege of visiting "Quaver's Marvelous World of Music". This is a fun, interactive, technology/internet based curriculum that teaches musical concepts with new and creative methods. We have a blast with Mr. Quaver and his friends in our classroom. 


    Conference- 7:30-8:20
    5th Grade- 8:20-9:10
    Shine Time 9:10-9:55
    3rd or 4th Grade- 10:00-10:50
    Kinder- 12:50-1:40
     1st Grade- 1:40-2:30
     2nd Grade- 2:30-3:20
     Tuesday and Thursday - 4-5:15- Schochler Honor Choir Rehearsals
    Cindy Hargraves