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    It's back to school again. I hope you and yours had a restful, peaceful, relaxing break.
    This month I will begin to formally test your children to determine their current reading level. I am excited to
    watch them become strong, independent individuals.

    Reaading at home

    Spelling homework
    Monday-Three times each
    Tuesday - ABC order two times each
    Wednesday –Words in dictionary
    Thursday – practice test


    September 10

    Hello everyone. We're hoping your lives are getting back to normal.

    I have added a 20 minute reading assignment for homework each night. The students have a personal reading log in which they must write the title of the book or the name of the activity that they do each evening. Please initial that your child met the minimum expectation. If the log is not signed, that means a student did not do the homework and goes against the overall homework grade.

    Each student that reads for a minimum of 20 days for the rest of the month of September will earn a trip to the treasure box. That means reading on the weekends.

    Please pay attention to the level of the book your child is reading. Currently, the expected level is 16 or 18.

    Your child will have two teachers for the curriculum this year. I will be teaching the ELA content and Mrs. Johnson will be teaching Math and Science.
    Conference time
    Our conference time is from 10:55 to 11:45. Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your concerns. Expect to hear from us many times throughout the year to discuss your child's progress.
    School Day
    School at Schochler is from 8:10-3:40. All absences must have a written excuse.
    Feel free to come in and enjoy lunch with your child. Our lunch days are Tuesday and Thursday and our time is 11:55.
    Communication home
    Please ask to see and sign your child's agenda every day. This will be our daily communication between home and school, concerning behavior, homework assignments, upcoming events, and personal notes.
    Arrival at school
    For the safety of our students, please do not drop your child off in the parking lot to walk unescorted to the building. This is unsafe, as cars are driving through the area and may not see your child. If you must drop your child and leave, please take two minutes to walk your child to the school door.