I can't see my favorite teacher so what do I do now?

  • Dear Little Angels,

    Your safety and wellbeing is my main concern. I want to let you know about the changes I have made that will affect our classes. Just like in the classroom when situations would come up that required accommodations to be made I am making those same accommodations now. The only changes that are being made due to “social distancing” are that we will no longer meet face to face (and I miss seeing your faces).

    We will now shift to online learning which means if you are in my accelerated science class you will now be in an edgenuity class that I have tailored to meet our needs, with the help of Mr. Mau of course. If you are in my biology class we will continue our “flipped classroom” and continue using Pearson, Stemscopes and EduSmart.  I will upload your assignments on a weekly basis. If you were with me for Biology EOC prep only then you do not have to do anything at this time. ALL EOC TESTS HAVE BEEN CANCELED! I am not happy about this because you guys have worked so hard for me in prepping for this test and I know that without a doubt you would have passed it!!!

    I want you to know that I am here for you and if you have any questions about your assignments you can email me at Rhonda.perez@cvisd.org. I will be checking my email regularly Monday –Friday from 8-4. If we need to I would also like to video chat via Google Hangouts, just so I can see your face! I miss you guys. I also want to reassure you that if you do everything that I have asked you to do and give me 100% effort I will go out of my way in making sure you are successful in earning those credits.  If you choose not to log in and at least make an attempt, then I have no choice but to work with what you gave me.

    Make good choices and come back and see me!

    Love Ms. P