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  • Teaching is not my first career, but it is definitely my favorite!  I have been at Crenshaw since 2009 as the art teacher. Besides being a teacher of art, I am also an active artist. I am so happy when I have students come back to see me after they have moved on to upper grades.



    I was born and raised in Fargo, ND.  I moved to Matagorda, TX when I was 19 years old.  I spent about 6 years moving around and working minimum wage jobs until I realized that I did not want to live not knowing if I could pay my bills from month to month. I even spent some time living in my car.  Things were bad.  I finally decided to get over my fear, and enrolled in college.  A friend asked me if I was interested in cleaning her house once a week, and then she referred me to a friend of hers.  Within a few months, I was able to quit my minimum wage job, and scheduled my cleaning jobs around my classes.  Over the years I was in college, my cleaning business grew until I had six employees, and we were cleaning businesses, apartments, and houses.  We made enough money for each of us to live and pay our bills.

    I graduated from Lamar University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Fine Arts specializing in Studio Art.  I have been doing commissioned artwork ever since I was 11 years old.  It has never been enough to live on, as I have had difficulty seeing it as a business, but as expression.  

    I began working at a longterm care facility as the housekeeping and laundry supervisor, and then as the bookkeeper.  I got married, and we had three children. I then started working in aged and disabled Medicaid, and then as an accounts payable person for a McDonald's franchise that owned 81 stores in Texas.

    My husband encouraged me to go back to school to take the pedagogy classes to become a teacher.  With his support, and the support of my employers, I did.  I completed all of the requirements, and passed the tests to become certified as a teacher.


    K-12th ART

    4-8th English, Language Arts, and Reading

    K-4th Generalist

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