• Welcome to Music!
    This will be an exciting year for students here at Crenshaw Elementary. I am looking forward to teaching each and every student and seeing them develop creatively and musically. Throughout the years, we have many talented students to come through the music program and continue on through middle school and high school. I am proud of each and everyone of them. Every student is unique. My desire is to help inspire, develop creativity and musical skills, and produce musically artistic students with an appreciation of the arts.
    Lower elementary levels K-2 will develop musical skills through singing games, folk dances, moving to the beat using locomotor and non-locomotor movements, and playing Orff instruments (xylophones, metallophones, tamborines, etc.). Grades 3 & 4  will develop their musical skills through singing games, folk and square dances, playing Orff instruments (xylophones, metallophones, tamborines, etc.), and drums. In addition, third grade will pay recorders in the Spring. Fourth grade will begin learning basic piano skills. Fifth grade will continue piano keyboard and learn to play simple songs with both hands and compose a simple song using technology
    We will also have our Crenshaw Choir open for fourth and fifth graders.  Auditions for placement which will beheld in mid- September. The choir will perform at Moody Gardens, "Festival of Lights",  Channelview ISD Waissal, and other community events.  In the Spring, our Comet Choir will perform in the Fine Arts Day,  Elementary Honor Choir Festival with other elementary, middle, and high school choir students.
    Each grade level will have a specific performance date- Kindergarten (graduation), Grades 1-2 (First and Second Grade Program), Grades 3-4 (Christmas Musical), and Grade 5 (Piano program.)

    Thank you for visiting my page ane seeing all the great things we are doing this year.

    Musically yours,

    Mrs. Carter