• Executive Leadership Team

    Dr. Tory C. Hill
    Superintendent of Schools
    Dr. Franklin Cahuasqui
    Deputy Superintendent for Instructional and Administrative Support
    Mike Niemeyer
    Assistant Superintendent of  Operations
    Lakeisha LeBlanc
    Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning
    Jennifer Carnathan
    Assistant Superintendent of Finance
    Michael Houston 
    Assistant Superintendent for School Leadership
    Administrative Team
    William Jennings                                                   
    Director of Athletics                                              
    Kay Kerr                                                               
    Director of Human Resources                                    
    Mia Young                                                            
    Director of Career and Technical Education                 
    Dr. Patricia Glaeser                                       
    Director of Federal Programs                                     
    Jennifer Tunink
    Director of Fine Arts                                                
    Magdalena Garcia
    Director of Bilingual/ESL
    Nicole Singleton
    Director of Special Services
    Michael Sanchez
    Director of Technology 
    David Bienvenu
    Director of Nutrition Services
    Dr. Jules Pichon
    Director of Maintenance 
    Dr. Atina Young
    Director of Curriculum
    Karen Bryant
    Director of Testing/Counseling
    Ezell Brown
    Director of Transportation
    Lila Hollin
    Executive Director of Communications