• Welcome to the Crenshaw Elementary Math Lab.  We believe that all students can learn and will learn to their highest ability.  I will work to support the students and the teachers with their math needs by giving them material and support when and where needed.  While we all try to help the students be successful, if you ever have a math concern that you feel might need additional support or if you have any questions please feel free to reach out either through e-mail or by calling the school.
    Being the Math Specialist means that I get to share my love of math with students and teachers that might need support or extra help to develop their math abilities.    The best part of my day is spent in direct support with our students and the other part of my day is spent helping teachers.  Together we work on providing the students with knowledge that they need to be successful in math.
    A little about me.  I have been on this campus for 19 years.  While I have been here at Crenshaw Elementary I have worn many hats.  In my current role, I share the love of learning math with the students and teachers of our campus.  I am part of a great District Math Team and provide support not only here on our campus but within our district. 
    If we work together then our students can have a great and successful year reaching new heights.
    Thank you for visiting my page and I hope you have a great day.
    Sharon Powell
    Math Specialist
    Email: sharon.powell@cvisd.org
    Phone: 281-457-3080
    Math Rocks